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Hello and welcome to my home page.My name is Drytha Drama Wowor (unique, heh?) and I was born in Jakarta Indonesia. I worked in Indonesia as a singer and entertainer under the name Rey Wowor until I met my husband, David, and moved to Atlanta, GA where we now live in the northern suburbs. David works as a physician in Atlanta and I am kept busy with our new baby Terry. I still like to sing and do some gigs, mainly for the Indonesian community. 

I married David in two ceremonies, a civil ceremony in Atlanta on October 6th 1995 and a  formal church ceremony in Jakarta on April 14th 1996. You can click here to see a picture from the wedding 

I set up this page for two reasons: to allow my family and friends around the world to keep up with what is happening in my life and as a jump page to allow me access to pages containing information on what is happening in Indonesia.


The newest addition to our family is Terence Alexander Graham who was born on December 31st,1997.  He was born by Cesarean section, because he was always breech position. Everything went fine and  he weighed in at 8 1/2 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long. You can see  lots more pictures of him by following this link to Terry's Home Page



Here you can find some links to pictures of my family, friends and travel around the world

My Friends
Concert in Sydney with Yuyun
Our group the Ryms
My sister, cousins, nephew and I doing some serious shopping
Me singing in New York
Pictures in Venice
Holland, May 2001
Indonesia June 2002

More to come !!


A personal home page isn't a personal home page without a collection of your favourite links. The list below is mainly of interest to the Indonesian Community, with links to Indonesian media and culture. Sometimes the links to Indonesian servers are a little slow and you may need to try them more than once.

Indonesian Friends and Family

Indonesian Mixed Couples - active community for Indonesians married with non-Indonesians
Positive Thinkers Club - an online discussion forum for positive thinkers
Visit my sister Sally Gorter's page
Irma Pane's Home Page
Desiyanti Clark's Page
Sonita Lontoh's Page

Indonesian Recipes

Indonesian Recipes -extensive collection
102 recipes from UCal, Berkeley with search engine

Magazines & Newspapers
Bali Post
Jawa Pos
Manado Post
Media Indonesia Online
Pikiran Rakyat - Surabaya
Suara Merdeka - Seamarang, Central Java
Suara Pembaruan
Tempo Magazine

Indonesian News Groups and Chat Rooms
soc. culture. indonesia
alt.culture. indonesia

Indonesian Radio & TV Online - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't ! You may need plugins.

Jakarta - 87.6 FM - rock, real audio
Jakarta - 100.9 FM Radio Sonora- real audio
102.3 Fmania, Jakarta - real audio
Kiss FM Radio, Medan - Real Audio broadcast
Surabaya - Radio Surabaya 96.75 FM- real audio

Currency Quotes

Current Rupiah Exchange Rates
Online Currency converter

Download Software

MSN 5.0 - send instant messages to friends without being on AOL .Click here for details on installing


  Drytha Graham



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